10gen MongoDB Courses: My Experience So Far

I’ve been a bit quiet over the past few weeks so here is a quick post to explain what I’ve been up to.

Well I’ve completed the first 6 weeks of two of 10gen’s MongoDB courses: MongoDB for Developers and MongoDB for DBAs and I have to say it’s been a brilliant experience. I’ve found the quality of the materials excellent and the level of the assignments just right. They build up in difficulty and in particular I found the aggregation assignments required some serious thought but they weren’t impossible in the time I had available. Not meaning to harp on about the whole working mum thing but with a job, house and toddler I’ve limited time to spare so it’s great to find a course that fits in and has really delivered in terms of content.

Each weeks content is split into lots of small video tutorials. I found this particularly helpful as I could fit in one when I got a spare 5 minutes. At the end of most of them is a quiz question which makes you aware of whether you’ve actually been taking things in. Each week you have a number of assignments to complete. This can range between 3 and 5 tasks and you can have up to 3 submits for each. Next week is the final week and is a project.

In terms of what was covered it ranged from the basic CRUD, performance and structuring of documents to more complex topics like the aggregation framework, replication and sharding. Some people might feel that topics could have been covered with less videos but I feel that the way the information was delivered allowed me to build a real understanding of how to use MongoDB and left me feeling confident that I could explain what I’ve learnt to others and put it into practice. After I complete next week I hope to get a load of blogs out on what I’ve learnt.

If you get the chance to do a 10gen course in the future, based on my experience with the two I’ve worked through, I’d definitely recommend it.