Social Relationship Marketing

Oracle demoed their cloud social relationship management tools as part of their announcement last night. It really highlighted to me the importance of companies (and individuals) being aware of the various social networks available and how they can make use of them to build relationships with current and future customers, business partners and employers and send out a consistent marketing message.

The demo showed how Twitter and Facebook logs can be analysed to determine themes around a company or product. A company can use this to see what is important to people and focus future marketing around this. They can also see how affective their current marketing strategy is and tweak it if required. The language used by followers can be analysed to see what common terms they use and these terms can be built into the company’s marketing to create a common language.

The social relationship management software can be used to improve responses to queries and complaints. For example based on the language used it can determine that a post relates to a query and send it to the person with the appropriate knowledge to respond. Similarly it can identify a complaint and send it to the service department. Routing, sorting and prioritising are all based on rules defined by the user. It also helps build a picture of interactions with a particular company/customer.

There is software to automate sending out tweets and posts and software to develop a Facebook web store using drag and drop.

On an individual level we need to be aware of what impact the posts and photos we make available to the general public on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc have. You never know who will be looking at it and making assumptions based on it and what affect it could have on your future. There is a real opportunity to do some clever self selling.