Weekly Roundup May 27th 2014

What Have I Been Reading#

Pastry Box Project##

The Pastry Box Project provides a thought a day from 30 people who are influential in their field. Lot of interesting and varied thoughts.

Ivana McConnell

If you’re thinking about getting involved in helping people learn technology but need a bit of a push take a read at Ivana McConnell’s article. She explains the benefits in ignoring imposter syndrome and going for it. Not only will the pupils benefit but I can guarantee you’ll understand the subject matter and how to teach it better. I know how much I got out of giving an ‘Introduction to Ruby’ at the WWC. You only think you know a topic until you try to teach it to someone else.

Whitney Hess: Who do We Think We Are?

In Who do We Think We Are? Whitney Hess looks at why we find the need to look for the negative in people. It’s something that really resonated with me. I struggle at times with the trolling which goes on via twitter and the internet in general. I’m not expecting everyone to agree but I don’t believe there is the need to tear someone apart just because they hold a different point of view.


The Joy of Clojure 2nd Edition has just become available to purchase in print. I got the chance to review this and it was an addictive read. if you don’t already appreciate the beauty of Clojure you will by the end of reading this book. It goes beyond teaching Clojure syntax to explaining the concepts behind it and demonstrating how to write beautiful code. It really is a joy to read. I’m looking forwards to going back to it over the summer and being able to enjoy it without the pressure of a deadline.

Outlier Developer

Cory House’s Outlier Developer site regularly features guest posts and the one this week really caught my eye. The road from nobody to half a somebody is packed full of great advice about getting started with blogging. Kevin O’Shaughnessy’s article pulls together lots of resources which are worth a read. I really need to follow his advice and start getting into a proper schedule. I’m still a bit hit and miss about posting.

What Have I Been Doing


I’ve gotten involved in reviewing an early draft of another book for Manning. If you’re interesting in getting involved click here. I can highly recommend it. Not only do you get the great feeling of helping to improve a book but you’ll also improve your technical skills. Plus there is nothing like a deadline for making time for a bit of reading.


I presented internally on Java 8. I’ll get the slides and a blog post up later this week. I really enjoy the functional style of programming as it can be used to create clean and easy to read code. I’ll go into greater depth in my post.