Weekly Roundup May 11th 2014

What Have I Been Listening to?


Hacking the Creative Mind with Denise Jacobs A really interesting talk about how we all have the ability to be creative, we’re born that way but sometimes we get out of touch with it and we need to re-find that connection again. Denise outlines lots of different techniques we can use to do that. Check her out on twitter too. She posts lots of useful links to articles on creativity and productivity.

TEDTALKS Technology

James Pattern: The best computer interface? Maybe…your hands With touch screens we’ve got used to tapping, swiping and typing on the screen. In this talk James shows different examples of getting people to use physical objects to interact with an interface, demonstrating how it can make it easier for them to use an interface and grasp concepts. e.g. using objects to select chemical elements from the periodic table and bring them together to see how they react, using actual dials placed on the screen to use video editing software.

Del Harvey: The strangeness of scale at Twitter This was a really interesting and funny talk around striking the balance between policing tweets to prevent worst-case scenarios and allowing people freedom of speech.

What Have I Been Watching#


I’ve started watching Cory House’s course on Becoming an outlier. Nice to see I’m already applying some of the strategies in the ‘Command Your Time’ section.