Don't Let a Lack of Time be an Excuse

There are times when I feel overwhelmed at the amount of things I want to fit into my day versus the time I have spare to look at them. Once I factor work, Luke, husband, dog and home in I don’t have a load of me time to do what I want. I was feeling a bit like this the other day when a brilliantly timed email popped into my inbox from Popforms titled ‘Your life is a series of small investments. Are yours adding up?’.

The message behind the mail was the value of making small easy to stick to adjustments to your life. The example they gave was reading 10 pages in a good business book each day. This seems very insignificant even when multiplied by 7 to give you a weeks worth of reading. However, if you did that every single day for a year you would have read 3,520 pages, which is about 10 good books. You are bound to have gotten something out of reading 10 books to help your career.

It struck me as really sound and uplifting advice. So the next time you feel overwhelmed, like there is no way for you to dedicate the time required to make a difference, take a step back and think what small regular investments you could make to get there.

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