Back to Work

After exactly a year of being on maternity leave, I’m back in the office. I decided to come back a couple of weeks before Christmas to ease myself in. January can be a bit of a bleak month in general and adding on returning to work didn’t feel like a good plan.

Coming back takes a bit of getting used to. The biggest pain point so far is trying to be organised to get the boys in to nursery/school in good time so I can have time in the evening with them before bed. I’m sure it’ll get slicker with practice.

Some of the upsides of returning to work include

  • Time to myself to explore things that interest me. I’m loving my time on the train where I can sit with a cup of coffee and read up or try out some coding.

  • Adult company. It has been great to catch up with friends in work and talk about things outside of cbeebies, superheroes and yokai watches.

  • The buzz of being back in Belfast. Having lived in Belfast for most of my twenties I have a soft spot for it and I love the feel of being in the city.

Some of the harder things are

  • Missing the boys. It is hard leaving a small crying person off at nursery even though I know 5 minutes after I leave he’ll be like ‘mummy who?’. Luke has been so much fun over the past year. He’s five now so great craic. I imagine maternity leave with a smaller gap between babies is much harder work.

  • As I mentioned previously getting back into a routine. With Luke at school I’m used to being up in good time but it still takes a bit of adjustment especially as Luke has so many activities in the evening.

  • A sense of being behind/urgency to get going. When you get back in the office and see how people have grown and all the new faces it really hits home that you’ve missed a year. I have to squash down a feeling of panic that everyone else has developed and I’ve remained how I was before I left. Really I want to return to an amazing project where I can prove I haven’t lost it. In reality I have to wait until there is something to work on. Which is great as it gives me time to play about with some new things and hone my skills but still feels like you’re a bit of a lone wolf with no one aware of what you’re at.