Why I'm Bought in to Coaching

Last week I was lucky enough to be sent on a two day coaching course led by Bryan Dunlop. I’d wanted to go on this for a while as I’ve benefited from being coached in the past. I have a number of people who I currently coach but I was looking forward to some formal training to help me maximise the positive impact I could make. It was a brilliant couple of days with lots of practical to get experience applying what we had learnt.

Highlights included:

  • Working out where people were on the skill, will matrix and how to coach for different combinations of skill and will
  • Giving effective feedback and the importance of not shying away from difficult conversations but giving constructive feedback to help people tackle areas for improvement
  • The GROW model. This was brilliant. In the past I’ve struggled with how to structure conversations to help people define their goals and steps to get there. Sometimes it is hard to get people to open up. Now I have a sequence to follow and example questions to draw on I think it’ll help make sessions much more effective.

What’s the value in coaching?

Below are just some of the ways I’ve personally benefited from coaching:

  • Overcoming self limiting beliefs
  • Getting perspective
  • Reinforcing achievements
  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • Exploring situations I feel I’ve failed at and understanding why so I can learn from it
  • Helping identify what is important. Finding focus
  • Realising what was top priority to work on is in fact not the main thing
  • Helping find a way of getting from A to B
  • Coming up with alternative ways of achieving aim
  • Challenging solution to a problem
  • Making the unachieveable achieveable

Finding a Coach

My experience of coaching has not been limited to my formal career coach. I’ve benefited from conversations with colleagues who I respect from a range of roles and backgrounds. It doesn’t have to be someone in the same role or on the same career path or someone with similar personality or experiences. Some of the best coaching I’ve received has been from people who are completely different from me because they challenge my beliefs and natural responses. I’ve been lucky that the people I’ve approached to coach me have been happy to help. If you care about building good relationships with your colleagues day to day you’ll find this is the case. In general we’ve all too much on so make sure you approach the person you want coached by with a purpose and make the most of the time they can spare. Thank them and be appreciative of what they do for you. They don’t have to spend their precious time on you.