If Something's Important Make it Visible

One of the things I’ve learnt over the past year is the power of making things visible to people. Get it up on the wall where it can’t be ignored. That way everyday the team is reminded of it and when it is staring you in the face you tend to take action on it.

Great candidates are:

  • Things you want to improve
  • Rules which should be followed
  • Targets you want to hit
  • Things the whole team needs to be aware of
  • System Diagrams
  • Screen Flows


Below are some examples but the possibilities are endless

Encouraging Regular Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing getting neglected because of other work? Single points of failure due to siloing of expertise? Lack of attendance of Whitebags?

Get up on the wall when the last one took place and the number of people who attended. Making people aware that a large amount of time has passed since the last session or that attendance was poor helps provoke conversation and action to improve. Better still have a place on the wall for suggestions for whitebags, scheduling for future sessions and volunteers to run one.

Whitebag Statistics

Encouraging Good Quality Code Reviews

Want to encourage consistency in the quality of code reviews across your team?

As a team pull together a list of things to check for and display the list on the wall. Don’t stick it in some wiki or fileshare where it will get lost. Now there is no excuse for a sloppy review

Codereview Checklist

Encouraging Timely Code Reviews

Stories taking ages to progress to test because code reviews are not getting done?

Create a board with peoples’ names and place the story card for the piece of work against the name of the reviewer. Once they’ve completed it they can move it back to the developer or progress it to test depending on the outcome. A code review which hasn’t been progressed is much more visible here than in a code review tracking tool. Better still agree a period in which it has to be carried out and add it to the board.

Codereview Tracking Board

Encouraging Timely Resolving of Bugs

Stories stuck in test because of unresolved bugs?

On the blocked story add a post-it for each defect with the id of the defect. Now you have an instant understanding of how many bugs are sitting against a story. It promotes conversation on priority of bug resolving vs other work. It helps identify stories which have been stuck over a number of days and highlights issues in quality of code, story definition or the code review process.

Stories Blocked in Test

This is just a small selection of the things my team has made visible. Hope it helps spark some ideas for things to display in your project