Agile Weekly: Prescriptive Coaching?

Over the past month or so I’ve started to listen to podcasts on the train to and from Belfast. One I came across the other day was Agile Weekly. I’ve just finished listening to their podcast called “Prescriptive Coaching?”. It was an interesting discussion on how by being prescriptive about certain things as a coach you can actually help empower developers to take action to shape and deliver their project.

Often people just assume that by telling a team they are agile they will become self organising. In reality after years of hierarchy they need someone to demonstrate the behaviour for example making a change to the room layout, on their own initiative, which improves the working environment or by not attending a meeting which they feel brings no value. Years of being conditioned to behave a certain way can make it hard to adapt but seeing examples in practice of the positive impact of taking ownership and making changes to behaviour, environment or practice, reassures and gives people the belief to do the same where they see room for improvement.