The Little Book of Lunch

Recently I thought it would be good to start sharing things that help me to be a happy, healthy programmer. This post falls under that category and is a review of The Little Book of Lunch.

I tend to mostly take a packed lunch to work and had got stuck in a real sandwich and soup rut. I’m pretty flat out at the moment and lunchtime is my little sanctuary of calm and it just felt like I wasn’t making the most of it. I wanted to change up my lunch and start making it something I really looked forward to. Something that would lift my spirits and leave be feeling revitalised after a hard morning.

Wandering through a bookshop one lunchtime I came across The Little Book of Lunch. Flicking through the pages I was impressed by how many of the recipes appealed to me. In general the recipes require a small number of ingredients. I don’t want to have to buy in a million things for one lunch. They also tend to have a short preparation time. Having a fulltime job, house, toddler and dog to look after means spare time is at a premium. The book even simplifies your weekly shop by grouping recipes with similar ingredients and providing a shopping list. Genius.

I’ve had the book a couple of months now and I’ve not been disappointed in a recipe yet. I’ve tried lots of different things including:

  • Herby Quinoa With Peas & Seasonal Greens
  • Spanish Lunch: Chorizo Egg & Potato Salad
  • Rainbow Rescue
  • Vietnamese Salad
  • South-East Asian Pho
  • Thai Fishcakes
  • Harissa Chicken
  • Simple Tortilla
  • Salted Caramel Brownies (I don’t want to count how many of the batch I ate myself. Scared to make the peanut butter ones as I’d prob eat the lot)
  • Lemon Curd Cupcakes

I’ve enjoyed them all and they’ve transported well too. I feel like I’m fuelling my body with something healthy and not processed and they feel like a treat.

To help with transporting I got myself some really cute Tupperware from Paperchase a bit like these. (If my 20 year old self could see me now she’d be so disappointed at me getting excited about this). The smallest one is great for dressings. Also got myself a wee flask from ikea.

I’ve found I’m using herbs so much more that I’m now growing mint, coriander and basil. Sainsburys sell them at a pound a pop so very small outlay and so far they’ve survived and I’m by no means the most green fingered of people. Breaking off a mint stalk, sticking it in a cup and adding boiled water makes the best mint tea. Much better than a teabag.

If you’re looking to spruce up your lunchtimes look no further than The Little Book of Lunch. Well worth a purchase.