Some Soft Skill Reading

As part of my drive to improve my soft skills in order to progress in my career I’ve started reading Dave Hendricksen’s 12 Essential Skills for Software Architects. This book talks about the key soft skills required to allow a technically gifted person to progress to the upper ranks in their company. As you move up in the organisation technical ability is no longer enough. It needs to be matched with the ability to manage and lead. Also in order to succeed you need to have built good relations with those that influence decisions.

skill triangle

Hendricksen talks about three groups of skills, Relationship, Personal and Business. Each skill builds on the previous so for example without relationship skills business skills have little value.

I’m hoping to identify some areas to develop and improve based on what I read in the book. I also intend to set myself some goals to help motivate me to change. I hope it will give me an insight into what management look for in employees. I’ll blog as I read about each skill.