Review: Show Your Work!

I found Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon an inspiration for getting out there and sharing what you know and do. It’s an easy to read and digest book, split into 10 chapters, each packed with beautiful illustrations.

The book reassures that you don’t need to be an expert to have something worth sharing. Through its pages it gives simple steps to follow to get your thoughts out there.

I was looking for insights for my blog and speaking. The book provided this. It made me look closer at my day to day working and inspirations. I hadn’t stepped back and thought about my inspirations before.

Chapters on how to share were also useful. I need to follow Kleon’s advice and start sharing little more often. In my job it is easy to overlook the small things which go into delivering a successful project. Taking time out to share these is a good way of making myself more aware of what I’m doing well. It’s good to appreciate the little wins. It is also good to recognise them for future projects.

The book promotes taking time to pick the prose to share your thoughts as you would if writing a story. It also warns against spamming. I liked the idea of self editing, not sharing for the sake of sharing, make it useful.

I was glad to see a section on teaching what you know as I’m a huge believer in doing that and the benefits it brings you. It takes you understanding to a new level.

In the past I have held back sharing my opinion in writing or when speaking because of fear. Fear of being cut down either by trolls or people who know more than me. Kleon offers sound advice on this, making you take a look at why you feel this way. Not easy but worth confronting.

I spend a lot of time reading technical books and this is a welcome distraction from those. It gave me a reassuring push that I’m doing the right thing sharing my thoughts. That a lone made it worth reading.