Review: Commitment

Over the past day I’ve been reading Commitment by Olav Maassen, Chris Matts and Chris Geary.

Commitment is a graphic novel which makes it easily devoured and once I started I couldn’t put it down until it was read. After a long day at work an easy read is welcome!

Some of the takeaways from commitment:

  • Don’t treat options as commitments
  • If you’re unsure of the correct approach you have 3 choices. Postpone the decision and collect more info. Choose the option easiest to change. Invest in an approach which allows change to be easier.
  • Value clearing technical debt
  • Value making your work and its flow through the stages visual
  • Multitasking creates hidden queues. See one thing through to completion
  • Focus on end result. Prioritise what brings value and then identify steps to deliver
  • Value staff liquidity. No keyman. Allocate people with least options first and most options last. Don’t need 100% liquidity, more like 10%
  • Opposite of a good relationship is no relationship