Reading Challenge

Hard to believe I’m nearly 2 months into maternity leave. The days are flying in. Marc arrived on the 15th December and I’m now well outnumbered 3 boys to 1 girl.

In these early days a large amount of my time is spent feeding Marc especially as I feed him on demand. Having already completed all six seasons of Private Practice, a couple of seasons of Girls and started rewatching Greys Anatomy I thought maybe it was time to find something outside of boxsets to entertain me.

Feeding Marc gives me lots of opportunity to sit, not to mention the time spent trapped under him while he sleeps (his sensors for when he is being put down are as good as Luke’s. Cue eyes open and tears) so I’m finally tackling my backlog of books. I came across this article on twitter reading 100 books in a year and I’m following some of the tips in it.

Buy books in advance

Not an issue. As mentioned previously I’ve a backlog of books to get through. I’m easily seduced by an offer and tend to buy multiple books at a time. I’ve also got a long wishlist of books I want to read so reading material is not a problem.

Always be reading

Sorted now that I’m being kept in one place by my little son.

Read what you like

I’ve a load of software books I want to read as well as some aimed at the softer side of my job. I need to find some good fiction to put into the mix. I used to read fiction and autobiographies all the time but, post children, magazines have taken over.

Tracking my Reading

I found out about the goodreads reading challenge tracker on twitter and decided to give it a whirl. It’ll help me keep momentum. I’ve set an achievable target of 12 books, one for each month (100 was a bit ambitious for me!).

Over the past week I’ve discovered ebooks work best. I’ve mastered the art of feeding Marc while reading my ebook and taking notes on my phone using Evernote. In fact I’ve even taken it to the next level, feeding, expressing and reading at once. Multitasking to the max.

Before having Marc I preferred paper books for reading but trying to hold a paper book and feed is just too much of a fiddle. Being able to flick between reading and taking notes on the same device is so much simpler. I’ve completed my January book, The Phoenix Project, and moved onto Lean UX so going well so far.